Clinton to offer debt forgiveness to young entrepreneurs

Clinton to offer debt forgiveness to young entrepreneurs”

Without increased access, Americans in rural areas, low-income households, tribal lands, and other communities on the wrong side of the digital divide can not connect to essential health, education, employment, and civic needs. Less debt, obviously. And who are the people most in need of debt forgiveness?

Diversifying the tech workforce and funding tech and STEM education at historically black colleges and universities.

Student debt forgiveness is an essential piece of the puzzle for getting Americans who dropped out after watching The Social Network sophomore year back on their feet, and Clinton should be applauded for embracing it. Proposed programs include the development of maker spaces, maker fairs and robotics competitions in schools or as after-school programs.

It's not clear how the i3 proposal will fly in Congress. Clinton and her team may not have gotten the memo, but the brand new Every Student Succeeds Act overhauled the i3 program, changing its name to the Education Innovation and Research grants.

Naked man jumps from ledge of Times Square ticket booth
The man blew kisses to the crowd, danced and taunted officers by grabbing his privates, the Post elaborated. Officials say the man missed the airbag set up by responders and cut his elbow, but is expected to be OK.

Prince estate lawyers get deadline to weigh in on DNA tests
Selmer said his client's claim is strong and could be backed up by a DNA test if permitted by the court. But their attorneys say Prince's father raised Duane Sr. and that Prince considered him a sibling.

Durant, Anthony lead US Olympic basketball team
Draymond Green , Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson are members of the runner-up Warriors who will join Irving with the U.S. His versatility has helped him fit in with a Golden State squad that's helped change the way the game is played.

Clinton's tech policy also includes a mention of immigration. She wants to bypass the detailed green card process for anyone with a masters or PhD in a STEM-related field from an accredited institution. The proposal will "staple" a green card to the degree, allowing global students a path to citizenship.

Connecting more public places, including airports and train stations, to the Internet and enabling them to offer free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Allowing entrepreneurs and tech startup founders to put federal loans into special status while they get their businesses off the ground. That office is tasked with updating government processes, in case you needed a refresher.

"We must position American innovators to lead the world in the next generation of technology revolutions - from autonomous vehicles to machine learning to public service blockchain applications - and we must defend universal access to the global, digital marketplace of ideas". It won early plaudits from software industry officials who said they hoped to hear something similar from the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. She proposes to create a national commission to discuss how Silicon Valley and law enforcement can find common ground on encryption, a fight that was recently exemplified by Apple's high-profile court battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Millions of dollars found stashed in buckets inside home's walls
Federal agents believe the business had been involved in trafficking marijuana principally in Tennessee along with two other men. They also found more money hidden in several places, along with four types of anabolic steroids and a loaded TEC-9 pistol.

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Zika virus: further evidence of virus's links to birth defects
In a human example supporting that theory, a pregnant woman's Zika infection went away after she had an abortion. The board of health reportedly was notified of the cases by the Ohio Department of Health.

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Top Christie adviser trying to protect Trump from convention challenge
The Chamber says in a blog post that Trump's proposals to place tariffs on imports from Mexico and China would spark a trade war. John Kasich have yet to publicly extend their support to Trump, and prominent Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan and Gov.

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Spanish authorities raid Google offices over tax
Their Madrid office was raided by local authorities who claim to be investigating dubious tax arrangements within the company. Leading newspaper El Pais and other media outlets said the searches at two Madrid offices were part of a tax evasion probe.

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Can Red Bull use home ring advantage to attack Mercedes?
Hamilton has now used five of two (turbo and MGU-H) of the six components of the power unit. However, the Mercedes driver played down the reports when asked about it.

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'Stairway to Heaven' creator Page rebuffs lawyer at trial
His estate is now arguing Jimmy Page and Robert Plant had ample opportunity to hear California's song and deliberately copied it. Asked if all the songs were covers, including the medley with "Fresh Garbage", Jones said he believed some were Yardbirds tunes.

30 June 2016
TV academy sues to block auction of Whitney Houston's Emmy
The academy also is seeking a temporary restraining order to halt the trophy's sale. It claimed that all awards come with a notice that they can not be sold.

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With 1-0 loss to Colombia, US finishes 4th in Copa America
The USMNT boss went back to his old ways and opted for experience over the dynamism of his younger players on the bench. Aside from the Argentina match and a moment or two against Colombia , both players were excellent at the tournament.

30 June 2016
Israel Demolishes Home of Palestinian Who Killed US Tourist
Others were shot dead by Israeli security forces during protests or killed by Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. It is into full genocidal mode with the likes of Avigdor Lieberman now, czar of the West Bank, calling the shots.