Black Panther: How Chadwick Boseman Was Cast as Wakanda's King

Black Panther: How Chadwick Boseman Was Cast as Wakanda's King”

I was a deer in headlights as a myriad of stars walked past me, or casually approached with a drink in hand and chatting up their sycophants. "For children (and adults) of color who have longed forever to see a superhero who looks like them, Marvel's first black-superhero film is an answered prayer, a landmark adventure and a new film classic". "I've experienced times where I was Jackie Brown, because fans when they are excited, they have James Brown and Jackie Robinson on their mind".

But we also get to see how Black Panther uses some of those comic book themes as a reflection of today.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther starts disappointingly, with animation accompanied by narrated exposition to explain the history of Wakanda - and frankly it's the only part of the movie that doesn't really work, because this kind of introduction just never works.

Do you plan to see Black Panther? . These are well-developed characters and that carries throughout the entire film. So pay close attention to the scenes before the title credits appear, because that nugget of information will play a key role in the film's narrative.

He said: "I didn't think that would be an issue, because of the other characters that I played".

T'Challa also has a new rival in the mysterious Erik Killmonger (a terrific Michael B. Jordan), whose familial connection, desire for revenge, strong technical skills and knowledge of Wakanda has him coming in to try to become king himself. While most of the film's tonality is somewhat more somber than Marvel's recent outings, there's ample humour at appropriate moments courtesy T'Challa's sister Shuri (Letitia Wright).

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Along with the wonderful acting and storytelling, Black Panther soars in regards to costumes, production design and soundtrack. The action in Black Panther includes lots of hand-to-hand combat, much of it taking place in a sacred pool-the editing of these scenes could be cleaner, they give the movie a nice jolt of organic energy even so.

If the run time holds true, that would put Black Panther near the longer times of the Marvel movies and comparable to Captain America: The Winter Soldier's 136 minutes. The action scenes felt real, and the stunt actors move gingerly amongst each other so well that during their choreography you can see punches and kicks with ideal precision.

"It's hard to go out to a club or a party when you're like, 'Oh, wait! So you don't feel like you're just playing a guy in a suit; you're playing a conflicted, well-rounded character", Boseman said.

"I was so proud to have my daughter and my son there last night, because in their faces, in their spirit, they were feeling themselves". Everything Killmonger does nearly make you want to sympathize with that he is trying to achieve.

The final word: it's afro-futuristic and Blackity-black as hell. Quite frankly, the experience is indescribable. We're doing what we want. The king is bequeathed enhanced strength, speed and agility through a special heart-shaped herb, and gets a cool panther-themed, bulletproof bodysuit and a cadre of royal bodyguards led by Okoye (Danai Gurira, making her Michonne from "The Walking Dead" look like a walking wimp). And again after that.

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